2nd Conference on Building Partnership For Sustainable CSR
Date : Thursday 07 August, 2014
Venue : Conference Hall - Gulmohar, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi



2nd National Conference on Building Green Partnerships for Sustainable Green CSR

Marking the first anniversary of the Companies Act 2013, Sharp Developments is pleased to announce its 2nd National Conference on Building Green Partnerships for Sustainable Green CSR on 7th August, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

With India Inc. estimated to invest around Rs 22,000 crore towards corporate social responsibility (CSR), the bill enforces companies to make sustainability an integral part of their technologies, products, and solutions to protect our planet while a creating business value.

Conference Highlights:

Supported by IREDA (Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency), Government of India, the conference aims to define the mechanism for implementation of Green Energy CSR projects.

Identify policy and financing initiatives.

Focus on how leading sectors contributing towards CSR interventions in India can channelize their potential CSR funds towards sustainable development.

Identify Public private partnership which can be fostered for effective renewable energy based CSR interventions.

The conference aims to establish an Alliance for sustainable CSR by bringing together common understanding amongst various key stakeholders to undertake CSR activities in a greener way. This time the conference will take a giant leap from where it left last year on thought leadership, and move towards establishing partnerships and projects for sustainable CSR interventions.

for last year’s Conference Report on Green Energy CSR - Please click here

Join us in building sustainable ‘Green CSR Partnerships’.

We look forward to your support.

Sharp Developments


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